Monday, August 28, 2006

Concerning Myth...

Truly, then, if myth is the highest realm for the imagination to engage with, and if to dream in terms of story is the most powerful, personal, and divine of thought, then the conception of tales whether fantasy or otherwise is quite possibly the greatest calling man could receive from his Maker. To sub create, therefore, is not an usurping of our Creator’s Right, it is the very fulfillment of our image-bearing.

Some ideas cannot be expressed by mere word, they require expression through mythic literature. What one could never tell in plain words may, perhaps be told only through such writing.

The greatest evidence of this fact is in the example of the Christian’s Theism. Their Scriptures do not centre on legalistic rules (though they are present) but are rooted in the story of Israel’s Messiah and in the larger picture of God and Humanity--The Ultimate Romance. If the Creator God found it best to capture and preserve Truth in story—in Myth—then how can we deny the absolute necessity of imagination and make-believe? The greatest blow dealt by Naturalism was the elimination of humankind’s personal story. Without this there is reason to neither anticipate any present justice nor hope in life’s final consummation.