Monday, October 24, 2011

a thanks giving

Been realizing once again how truly blessed I am.  It can be tempting to dwell on worries or frustrations—real as they might be—but their shadows shrink in the light of blessing’s reality. 

I have a warm home.  The hum of our stove heater is now added to the familiar creaks of the house: it chugs away merrily as we get ready in the mornings and settle down for sleep again.  I am the self-proclaimed king of several pillows upon our bed.  Each night I’m able to arrange them to get the ‘just right’ for that extra comfortable sleep.  The blankets have a heavy warmth to them.  Slippers are made ready nearby for cold toes in the morning.  Morning doesn’t come too soon anymore.  We’re trying to make a habit of not staying up for all hours.  No longer is morning a rush and hurry of eating, dressing, and lunch-making: there’s room now for reading and exercise and saying ‘good-morning’.  Quiet space.  Time for waking.

I have good work to do at the tree nursery.  I’ve learned so much this year being on the growing and culture-end of things.  The amount of detail and planning that goes into each of the crops is astounding.  To think that I’ve had a hand in the health and life of 12 million trees this year.  It’s humbling to recognize the responsibility, this everyday, hands-in-the-dirt kind of care and attention, that has been given both by myself and others around me.  How quickly our work can become simply a task.  A job to do.  “The old grind.”  I am reminded of my friend Scott Hoover who often prays before a meal: “Thank you for the good work you’ve given us to do.”  Good work.  I like that.

I have family.  Last night we were over at Auntie Laurel’s to celebrate her birthday.  Coffee, cake, presents, familiar faces.  Lots of laughs.  Family.  We regularly stop into Mom and Dad’s for a visit: sharing a meal, watching a show.  Sometimes we just sit and talk for a few hours.  Mom talks about her adventures with the kids she had that day.  Dad recounts the wildlife he encountered on the road.  We’re growing together: letting each other in on what’s going on with us.  Growing.  Remembering.  Sharing.  Memory-making.   

And I have a beautiful wife.  She inspires me on a regular basis to be all who I can be.  She affirms me when I doubt, she corrects me when I’m wrong, she walks with me.  It’s hard to imagine not being with her now.  We’ve made a life together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  … “making a life”.  I like that, too.

Life truly is good.



  1. Thanks for this Nik. I think we all need a reminder once in a while that we are very blessed despite of all the little 'things' that happen everyday that could throw us off. As blessed as you are, I want to also let you know that you are a blessing to me! And I'm almost at the other side of the country! hehe. Have a great day my friend!


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