Thursday, March 10, 2011

sharin’ some music

So, Sarah’s been reading the Inkheart series and she’s almost finished the last book and she’s very excited about it!  I started the first one and have hardly scratched the surface… *sigh*…. so much reading to do!  

And apparently so much listening to do too.  Here’s some more favourite songs I thought I’d share as we inch closer to springtime (it was +10 out today!) 

Lately Sarah and I have been really enjoying listening to Paul McDonald’s rendition of “Maggie May’ which he sang on American Idol last week.  He’s definitely one of the happiest singers on the show:

Skip to 0:35 to jump right to the song

Ray Lamontagne is one of Sarah’s favourites.  This song comes on the radio nearly everyday on Sirius XM 51, the Coffeehouse, when I’m on my way to or from the tree nursery.  Just found this video on youtube today:

A refreshing sound from so much of the garbage pop music out there, hey?

Sarah came to visit Dryden for awhile in the summer of 2008.  It was a wet summer, but we enjoyed the time driving around in the rain, listening to music, watching movies and reading together.  Sarah had just gotten to know The Weepies that summer and I can still remember the first time she showing it to me.  This song also reminds me of our first home together in Eston after we were married in June 2009.  I used to put this song on while I’d wash dishes—looking out the kitchen window to watch the robins in the mountain ash tree.

This video has excellent audio quality…which is great.


And Thrice.  I listened to them today while I was sweeping out a greenhouse at work.  My favourite line in the song is a quote from C.S. Lewis’ The Last Battle: “The lights growing bright further up further in.”  This is one of our friend, Trevor’s, favourite bands.

Enjoy!  Have a good one,



  1. I finally got a chance to listen to all the songs. Paul McDonald is so good and has a cute way about him.
    I liked Ray too. Great raspy voice!
    The Weepies song is good. I like the freshness of their sound. I can't wait to see the robins again!
    I enjoyed Thrice too. Love finding new people to listen to...thanks Nik and Sarah!

  2. Somehow I missed the second half of this post the first time I read it.
    I love when you share music Nik... it's always special to hear songs that mean something to you. I loved listening to these songs and really enjoyed the video and song "Come all you weary". How would we ever survive without music!!

  3. You're very welcome, Auntie! Glad you both enjoyed the songs and videos!


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