Wednesday, June 08, 2011

garden box

So for a few weeks now we’ve been wanting to build a raised bed for some vegetables and whatnot.  We had been planning on going out to get the wood, but it turns out that we had enough left over from last year when Dad and I built the deck.  It’s not too big: only 7’ x 2’, but it’s enough for us for a start.  We’ve got it set up in the back yard now…and I think I’ll add the pictures soon, but there’s a wild thunderstorm a-brewin’ outside!

Okay, it’s the next day now.  Took some pictures of the box and one of our rough sketch.  Now we just have to get some dirt and get out there!

Dad helped me get the box together and in the ground while Sarah tackled our rogue rhubarb and emerged victorious.  She also set our strawberries going.  In case you didn’t know, my wife is awesome.

So happy early summer, all! (Can we say that now?  No more frost, please. Thank you.)

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  1. Looks good Nikolas. I'm excited for you guys!!

  2. Thanks! I hope we can get the soil this weekend. All our little guys from Rendy are needing a home, as you can see. I think we're going to try and get some pots as well...though it appears that there are a few in the garage that Dad mentioned the other day.


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