Wednesday, August 31, 2011

artist spotlight: don adams + shine

Yesterday my good Uncle Don gave me a hand moving in our new couch.  I’ll be honest…it was a heavier ordeal than I had expected!  Yet we got it done, and I’m so grateful to Don for helping me haul the old hide-a-bed out and get the new one in here: it looks great!

So this one is for Uncle Don!

Most of my favourite childhood memories are with my family.  Candlelit Christmas nights after turkey supper, Easter egg hunts in the backyard, day trips to Blue Lake with all the cousins—the good times that I’m already looking back on and fondly reminisce.  I wrote earlier about how certain songs bring me back to specific memories.  When it comes to our family gatherings, there are songs and memories all rolled into one: and it came in the form of my Uncle Don.

I can still see it now: we’re having a birthday party at Auntie’s for one of us cousins.  Presents have been torn into, cake has been devoured, the adults have moved to the couch and recliner in the living room, and a few of them (usually my Dad) has found himself a comfortable spot on floor and is slowing drifting to off.

“What about a song, Don?” Someone asks.

With a small smile my Uncle Don leaves the room and returns with an acoustic guitar.  He finds himself a sturdy seat, tunes the strings a little, sometimes mentioning a new song that he wrote just that week.  The room grows quiet as we wait together before the silence gives way to music and Uncle Don begins to sing.

Don Adams at Blue LakeSince those early days, Uncle Don has gone on to pursue his love of singing and song writing more professionally through his own studio recordings and various gigs throughout North Western Ontario.  His songs are much like those we heard on many a childhood evening: they’re about life—sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, always down to earth.  His latest studio release, Shine, reverberates with those same themes that I’ve so come to love and appreciate.

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  1. Auntie Laurel8/31/2011 8:04 PM

    Aww this warmed my heart when I needed it!!


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