Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Life

Though the holiday itself has passed my mind has been filled this week with Easter. We're in a season of newness (at least we're supposed to be--it is spring after all!); this has really struck home for Sarah and I as we entered into this week: a new job, a new office, a new world of thoughts and questions and possibility. I'm typing this out to you from the Pastor's Office, wondering at how I came to be sitting here: thankful for the opportunity and gift it is, and also, to be honest, somewhat anxious at all the responsibility and expectation that comes along for the ride.  Transitions are like that: even the good ones, the best sought ones, bring both excitement and nervousness, joy and apprehension.  Such is change.  Such is newness.

And such is Easter.

I've been preparing my first real message as a pastor for Sunday morning: focusing again on the significance of Easter Life, and integrating some of my hopes and dreams for us as a Church.  John 20 is also about transition, and it brings these two places of startling contrast together: the fear and despair of Mary and disciples is embraced and dissolved in the encounter with the Risen Lord.  They had believed this was transition without tomorrow: hope lost, death victorious.  Yet not so.  The Saturday Dark gives way to Sunday Glory.  Newness, life, renewal spring forth--spring forth with and in and through Jesus and his Resurrection.  

This changes how we approach life, rewrites the rules on how we interpret pain and suffering.  Christ invites us live as whole, renewed, redeemed people.  His people.  We don't always.  We still suffer and sway between fear and joy--but we're not without hope.  Easter Life means finding that hope in the midst of grief; life in the midst of death: knowing Christ and the power of his Resurrection (Phil 3:10).

This song has captured this for me today as I write and pray for you.
Be blessed, my friends.



  1. Awesome blog dude. I started one also . Please check out mine when you have time.
    Randall Jacobs

  2. Wonderful post.....looking forward to you first sermon as Pastor! Praying for you every day!

  3. You took a Pastoring position!! When? is this old news now? Does that mean no Regent in the fall? Blessings on you two.

    1. Hey, Rachel! It's still very much new news! I started part-time at our Church here in Dryden last week and will be moving to full-time in September. Sadly, it means we won't be coming to Vancouver this year. Though I am officially accepted to the MCS and I'll be starting Distance Ed. in the Fall. We are planning to pastor for a year and then head to Regent to get my Masters and, unless God directs otherwise, we'll return to continue pastoring again after Regent.


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