Saturday, February 19, 2011

moll-sacs, phiz-gigs, and a parson's nose!

So on Sunday we were asked to help out with the youth group's progressive supper on Friday.  Basically what happens is the youth split into teams of 5-6 and go to different houses where they'll have one course of a four to five course meal.  We chose to make homemade tortilla chips and sweet and spicy chicken wings for an appetizer--and it turned out pretty good!

What is it with teenagers and them stepping off of the front mat to take off their shoes on the kitchen floor?  I don't get it.

Anyway, I had started reading The Hobbit out loud to Sarah while she was sick at home a few weeks ago, but we hadn't gotten to it in a few days.  So in between groups we'd sit down in the living room by the electric stove and follow poor ol' Bilbo Baggins down to Gollum's lake for the riddle game!

Half way through we got a call from Scott and Beckie who were making pasta as the main course at their place.  Scott and I determined--as two very hungry men--that it was in everyone's best interest to join forces with our food for a second supper later that night.  We ended with a formidable little feast by about 9:00: pasta, wings, chips, pumpkin pie and cool whip, vanilla ice cream and sundae toppings--awesome!  

Then we played this hilarious game called Slang Teasers, where you are given a real slang word and have to try and come up with meaning for it while guessing the real definition.  Sorta like Balderdash.  Did you know that a "parson's nose" (which is not "the ability to sniff out trouble") is the the rump of a chicken?  Who knew!

This morning we slept in, it's finally sunny out here after our treacherous, frozen and blizzard-like yesterday.  Sarah is attending a watercolour class this morning at the art gallery.  I'm really glad that she has the chance to paint again.

Have a great weekend!

PS: How cool is this guy?

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  1. Great post...Sounds like you had a great evening. I love that you read to Sarah. Isn't Steven Tyler the best!


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