Thursday, April 28, 2011

water boy

So after a pretty busy last few weeks I decided it was high time that I sat down and blogged again!  It’s hard to find the time lately, but I definitely wanted to get another one in before the end of the month.

A few weeks ago, actually just before my birthday, I was asked by my supervisors at the tree nursery if I would be interested in taking on a new job working with growing and irrigation.  I am now part of the team who is responsible for watering the crop, tracking growth and much more.  It was really neat to be asked, and though I hadn’t thought of it at the time, it really is a promotion.  It is a lot of responsibility, but it is also very interesting.  (Plus, it’s fun when part of your work requires you to sit down in the soon-to-be air conditioning and plug in numbers on the computer instead of traipsing about the place!)  The position came up when my previous co-worker, Sharon, decided to move onto other things.  I was able to have two weeks with Sharon where she passed on much wisdom and knowledge: everything from nitrogen levels in black spruce to where to find her secret stash of irrigation tools.  And though it was sad to see her go, it was neat to know that she believed that I could carry on with the task at hand.

We finally finished sowing at the nursery.  All the greenhouses are now full.  Hard to believe not long ago I was sweeping away with Thrice in one ear.

Last week was Easter of course, and we had a great weekend with family down to visit—Sarah’s from Winnipeg and Auntie Laurel and Uncle Don from Thunder Bay!  We had a great time and Uncle Don brought his new album, Shine, down with him.  I want to blog about it once I’ve had a better chance to listen to it, but I can already tell you we love it—especially since he’s included the song he wrote for us and sang at our wedding: “The Story Starts”.

Until then, I’m going to put my feet up and relax!  See you soon.


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